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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
834ChillFeatureClosedNormalEtape 1 connecteur LDAPJulien Fastré07/08/2016 02:09 PM
801ChillBugIn ProgressNormalRemettre en ordre les builds de framagitJulien Fastré05/02/2016 08:09 PM
704Tresor - Balthazar PicsouSupportNewNormalDéplacer vers gitlabJulien Fastré01/28/2016 11:06 AM
688ChillBugClosedNormalFAilure de l'infrastructure de buildJulien Fastré12/22/2015 11:34 AM
651activityFeatureNewLowCreate test for activity reason type10/08/2015 05:04 PM
646ChillMainFeatureNewNormalRapports configurables10/06/2015 08:08 PM
644activityBugRejectedNormaldead code ?10/09/2015 02:51 PM
643activityFeatureNewNormalAdd an active field for activity type (?)10/02/2015 11:16 PM
640ChillFeatureClosedNormalmigrating to git.framasoft.org10/29/2015 07:07 PM
628ChillMainFeatureClosedNormal[admin] the search field should not be seen10/23/2015 01:22 PM
627ChillMainFeatureClosedNormal"administration menu" in the section menu should not be seen10/23/2015 01:22 PM
626CustomFieldBugClosedNormal[admin] editing a custom field choice: adding a new choice does not worksMarc Ducobu10/22/2015 04:09 PM
625CustomFieldBugRejectedNormal[admin] layout of admin part of custom fields11/02/2015 09:13 PM
624CustomFieldBugNewNormal[admin] "allow other" label require to be filledMarc Ducobu09/28/2015 12:02 PM
623CustomFieldBugIn ProgressNormal[admin] the "active" field in admin form is requiredMarc Ducobu09/28/2015 08:39 PM
622activityBugClosedNormal[admin] the form for activityReason and ActivityCategory : active is not uncheckable10/08/2015 05:05 PM
621activityFeatureFeedbackNormalLayout + translations of category admin pages10/24/2015 08:20 AM
620ChillPersonFeatureNewNormalOn the person details page, the custom fields layout is not the same as the rest of the page09/26/2015 01:05 PM websiteBugClosedNormalretirer "prochaine rencontre = 22 septembre"09/29/2015 03:02 PM
616ChillMainFeatureRejectedNormalMake the regex configurable for password minimum requirements10/29/2015 08:45 PM
615ChillMainBugClosedNormalMissing translation and layout of pages user/CRUD09/29/2015 03:55 PM
614activityFeatureClosedNormalMove admin/configuration menu to a section dedicated to activitiesJulien Fastré09/29/2015 05:19 PM
613CustomFieldFeatureClosedNormalMove admin/configuration menu to a section dedicated to custom field10/30/2015 04:49 PM
612activitySupportClosedNormalLink local repo with githubJulien Fastré09/23/2015 04:47 PM
611activityFeatureRejectedNormalImplements CHILL_ACTIVITY_SEE_DETAILS10/29/2015 07:28 PM
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