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Test on PHP version is done once sources are already installed

Added by Jean Pierre Huart almost 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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If your version of php is less than 5.5 the composer install does not end properly and a warning is displayed.
Once you correct the problem upgrading PHP, you cannot relaunch the install because the directory of installation is not empty.

It is easy to empty it and restart, but it would be better to do the check before copying anything.


#1 Updated by Jean Pierre Huart almost 4 years ago

Well I had to do it a second time because timezone was not defined in php.ini.
Definetely such checks has to be done before.

#2 Updated by Julien Fastré almost 4 years ago

If your installation fails, you simple have to cd into the project directory and run composer install (or composer update).

What did you had to run twice ?

#3 Updated by Jean Pierre Huart almost 4 years ago

Once the error is displayed, I corrected the problem and tried to relaunch 'composer create-project chill-project/standard path/to/your/directory --stability=dev'.
But this instruction fails if the path/to/your/directory is not empty, that's why I had to restart from scratch twice.
Maybe relaunching 'composer update' after each failure should be enough?

If yes, it has to be added to the doc, but I think it's better to avoid complexity and having a procedure that does not fail.

#4 Updated by Julien Fastré over 3 years ago

I think we can close this issue :

PHP version >= 5.5. Check that extensions php5-intl and php5-pgsql are installed and that ‘date.timezone‘ is correctly defined in your php.ini.

from :

If you think that something else should be done, please re-open the issue.

The test of the php version cannot be done by composer before installing the project: composer has to install the project with the root composer.json to be aware that php 5.5 has to be installed...

#5 Updated by Julien Fastré over 3 years ago

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#6 Updated by Julien Fastré over 3 years ago

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I also move this issue to the standard project.

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